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The Age Of Enlightenment is a type of Endgame introduced in July 2019, in which players or tribes will need to conquer one of the special University villages and upgrade the University to a certain level. Once a tribe or a player builds the last level of the University in this special village, the world will end.

To achieve that goal faster, the players of a tribe must work together to send resources to the village. The idea behind this endgame concept is to build and upgrade a "World wonder" as a winning condition.

Conquering a University Village

When the world starts, the University Villages are spawned at predefined locations in the map, which are under protection from being attacked. This attack protection will last until the endgame starts.

As the villages are available from the start of the world, you and your tribe will need to plan how/when you want to start capturing them - before the attack protection ends. The usual barbarian rise and shrink mechanics are disabled for the University villages, therefore the attack protection period will not change the village points.

The university villages are spawned at the following coordinates:

  • 499 | 450
  • 550 | 499
  • 500 | 550
  • 450 | 500

In larger worlds, additional villages will be spawned at:

  • 400 | 400
  • 400 | 599
  • 599 | 400
  • 599 | 599

Upgrading a University

LH MapIcon 03 (1).png

After 75 days, the attack protection is removed and the University villages can be conquered. When a University Village is conquered, the village owner can start upgrading the University (the first level is already built and cannot be destroyed). Other tribes can attack and/or conquer the University Villages that you control. In the University village, players can only upgrade the university (and no other buildings). Flags affecting unit construction will have no effect. Premium Time Reduction, as well as the Reinforcement and Privilege items also cannot be used on a University village.

In order to upgrade the University, you and your tribe will need to send resources to the village. Once the University has the required amount of resources stored, you can upgrade it to the next level by pressing the "Upgrade" button. Since the university village can store a total of resources, using resource packages will not have an effect on University villages.

In the following table you can see the Building Time needed for each level of the University

University Building Time
Level Building time(in hours)
1 2
2 4
3 6
4 8
5 10
6 12
7 14
8 16
9 18
10 20
11 22
12 24
13 26
14 28
15 30
16 32
17 34
18 36
19 38
20 40
21 42
22 44
23 46
24 48
25 52
26 56
27 64
28 72
29 80
30 96

Attacking a University Village

Opposing tribes and players are allowed to attack any University villages on the map. Attacks on unconquered University villages must be planned well, as each University village has the following stationed defensive units by default:

  • 1.000 Spear Fighters
  • 1.000 Swordsmen
  • 500 Heavy Cavalry

Naturally player controlled University villages can be supported by the tribe so you should expect maximum resistance! Bear in mind (depending on server settings) players may also try and send more troops in defence of an unconquered barbarian village!

The primary goal for attacking opposing University villages is to lower the University levels in order for your tribe to reach their own required maximum University level before anyone else. There are certain actions that can reduce the University's level such as:

  • Successful attacks with catapults
  • If the University village in question gets conquered (University level is reduced by 2)
  • Dismissing a player that owns a University village from the tribe (University level is reduced by 2)

In any case, the University level cannot drop lower than 1. Also, the Rally point, Farm and Warehouse that belong to the University village cannot be attacked with catapults.

Endgame Screen


Players can access the Endgame Screen by clicking on the Ranking menu and then on the Age of Enlightenment option. In the endgame screen, players can see:

  • The University
  • The leading tribe/player
  • The required University level in order to win the world
  • A list of the University villages, ascending by level
  • The current owning tribe of each University village. If the village is not yet owned, the tribe/player cell will be empty
  • The coordinates of the University village. If you click them, you will be redirected to the village's location on the map
  • The current level of the University in each University village


If you or your tribe manage to build the last level of the University level, the world will end (when the construction is finished) and the peace setting will be activated. During that period, players cannot leave (or be dismissed from) their tribe and the winning tribe cannot be disbanded.