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Awards are distinctions awarded to you by the game for meeting certain criteria. The criterion can be reaching a particular level of points, a war-related accomplishment or even just reaching a certain amount of friends. However, for some awards you either have to have especially good or bad luck.

The available awards may be different per world as some are only applicable to certain types of world setting. Additionally, some awards only become available in later stages of the world.

To view the list of available awards, click on Ranking on the top menu to view the rankings, then click on your own name to view your profile. The awards will be listed on the bottom right of the page.

Some awards allow you to track your progress towards meeting them. To do so, hover your mouse over the award image.

If you're prefer to keep your awards private, you can customize your privacy by going to Settings on the top menu, then Awards on the left menu.

Awards list

Daily awards

Image Name Description
Award10.png Attacker of the day Defeat the most units in this world as an attacker until midnight!
Award11.png Defender of the day Defeat the most units in this world as a defender until midnight!
Award9.png Plunderer of the day Plunder the most villages in this world until midnight!
Award12.png Great power of the day Take over the most villages in this world until midnight!
Farmer of the day.png Looter of the day You plundered the most resources in this world %s (%s resources)! Plunder the most resources in this world by midnight!

One time awards

Image Name Description
Award15.png Unlucky fellow The loyalty of a village dropped to +1 due to one of your attacks! The loyalty of a village has to drop to +1 due to your attack!
Award14.png Lucky fellow The loyalty of a village was 0 after you conquered it! The loyalty of a village has to be 0 after you conquered it!
Award6.png Death of a hero While supporting other villages, %s of your units died an honorable death! Lose %s of your units while supporting other villages!
Award8.png Continent scorer You have made it into the top %s of a continent! Make it into the top %s of a continent!
Award7.png Top scorer You have made it into the top %s in this world! Make it into the top %s in this world!
Award5.png Leader You have already defeated %s enemy units! Defeat %s enemy units!
Award13.png Paladin's power You have found all the paladin items! Find all paladin items!
Award3.png Plunderer You have already plundered other villages %s times! Plunder other villages %s times!
Award2.png Robber You have already looted %s resources! Loot %s resources!
Award16.png Victim You were conquered within one week after your beginner protection expired! Someone is nobling you within one week after the expiration of your beginner protection!
Award1.png Score champion You have already reached %s points! Reach %s points!
Award18.png Self-attack You have attacked yourself and lost more than %s units in a battle! Attacked yourself and lose more than %s units in the battle!
Award19.png Self-conquest You have conquered yourself! Conquer yourself!
Award4.png Conquest You already conquered %s villages! Conquer %s villages!
Award17.png Resurrection You have started over %d times in this world! Start over %d times in this world!
Award20.png Successful noble claims You already conquered %s claimed villages! Noble %s claimed villages!
Brothers in arms.png Brothers in Arms You have been a member of your tribe for %d days! Be a member of a tribe for %d days!
Scout hunter.png Scout Hunter Fend off %s scout attacks!
Reliable commander.png Reliable Commander You have supported other players in battle %s times Support another player in %s battles!
Demolisher.png Demolisher You have destroyed %s building levels so far! Destroy %s building levels!
Nobles faith.png Nobles Faith You have defeated %s noblemen so far! Defeat %s noblemen!
Wealth comes in gold.png Wealth comes in gold You minted %s gold coins! Mint %s gold coins!
Market guru.png Market Guru You traded resources using your market %s times so far! Trade using your market %s times!
Master of the battlefield.png Master of the Battlefield You have already completely destroyed %s hostile armies! Completely destroy %s hostile armies
Warmonger.png The Warlord You have attacked %s different players! Attack %s different players!
Beloved friends.png Beloved Friend You have made a total of %s friendships! Develop %s friendships!