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Awards are distinctions awarded to you by the game for meeting certain criteria. The criterion can be reaching a particular level of points, a war-related accomplishment or even just reaching a certain amount of friends. However, for some awards you either have to have especially good or bad luck.

The available awards may be different per world as some are only applicable to certain types of world setting. Additionally, some awards only become available in later stages of the world.

To view the list of available awards, click on Ranking on the top menu to view the rankings, then click on your own name to view your profile. The awards will be listed on the bottom right of the page.

Some awards allow you to track your progress towards meeting them. To do so, hover your mouse over the award image.

If you're prefer to keep your awards private, you can customize your privacy by going to Settings on the top menu, then Awards on the left menu.

Awards list

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