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From time to time, you can participate in various events as mini-games within Tribal Wars. These events will give yu the opportunity to win great prizes.

Attack of the Horde

The enemy is at your door! The barbarian hordes have gathered together to march against your kingdom!

But do not be afraid! You are strong and powerful - so use your mind and finesse to stop the siege!


The Siege

Your task is to stop the siege by attacking the five strategic weak points of the enemy barbarian units. For a successful break-through, you must determine which enemy barbarian unit can be defeated by which attacking unit.

To make it more exciting, each position is set randomly for each round and for each player. Thus, there is only one solution for each participant. After each attempt, you will get an overview of the success of the attack, which will help you break through the enemy lines eventually.

The Fight

For each of the positions in the enemy's army, choose one of the units to attack with. After selecting an attacking unit for each position, you can try to stop the siege by sending an attack with the selected units. The siege is broken when all units of the attack are successful.


The time to break through the siege is limited, too. A timer shows you how much time you have left and how many additional attacks you can still send in the remaining time. Each attack takes a certain amount of time. After the expiration of the timer, a new fight will start until the event is finished. If you break a siege before the siege expires, you can start a new siege on premium worlds by using premium points. You only have the hours remaining in the current round available to win the additional fight. When the timer is down, the battle and the timer are reset. When time is running out, or you need help, you can explore premium worlds for the enemy troops by using premium points to see what unit you need.


Whether a unit was successful against a barbarian unit, is indicated by three colors:

Green: A successful attack. The correct unit has been selected for this position and you cannot select another unit for it.

Yellow: One of your attacking units can break the siege at at least one remaining position, but not the position where you have placed it.

Red: The attacking unit cannot break at any position in this round. The unit will be grayed out for the rest of this round.

The positions work independently. This means that the same unit is needed at several positions or at none. If you know a unit is needed for the current siege, you do not know how many positions it will need, unless you can get the information from the other combat results.



At the end of the fight (either by solving the puzzle or by the expiration of the timer), you get banners for each correctly placed position, and additional banners if you have successfully broken through all the positions.

When a new battlefield starts, all positions are reset and a new and random combination of units is needed to break through the next siege. After the end of the event, the event shop will remain open for a certain time. The event and the event currency (banners) will be removed.

The Spectaculum

The Spectaculum is a world-wide tournament where you can train your personal champion and participate in three disciplines:

  • Melee fighting
  • Archery
  • Jousting

Each of these disciplines will run for a certain time, which will be displayed on the event page.

For the participation in these disciplines, you will receive golden trophies, which you can exchange for rewards in the event shop. At the end of each day, the participants will be rewarded with additional trophies, the number of which will be ranked in the overall ranking after the event.

Join the event

You can participate in the event by clicking on the event button in the overview or by clicking on the event icon in the upper right corner.


Train your champion

To increase your champion's success in the event, you must train him well for the upcoming discipline. To improve your abilities, you must choose a training location (see below) to train at.

Each training session lasts four hours. On premium worlds, this time can be shortened to two hours with premium points.

Since the champion can also participate in the tournament during the training, the bonus from the currently trained skills is not added until the training unit is finished.

Each training location reinforces all three active abilities by a certain value - some more, some less. Once you have selected a training location, you will see which bonuses your champion receives when the training is complete. For maximum success, you need to find out which skills are most appropriate in which discipline, and therefore need to be trained the most.

To avoid the use of the last training unit, the training stations close some hours before the end of the current discipline.

Training locations

A training location can be entered by clicking on the corresponding graphic. You will get a popup to start the training.


Below the graphic, you can see which skills are active and can be trained during the current discipline. In addition, you can also see your current level in that particular skill, and finally, how many skill points you will gain through starting the training discipline.

If a champion is currently being trained, you can see this by looking at the countdown timer over the training location thumbnail graphic.


During the training, you can still participate in a competition, but the additional bonuses gained by this this training session are not calculated for the competition.

Participate in a competition

To participate in the current discipline, simply click on the "Participate" button on the event page. The Champion is immediately rewarded with a certain number of trophies and placed in the daily ranking.

In each cycle, you can participate in a competition for free. On premium worlds, you can participate more than once by using premium points.

Please note that your champion must participate in the tournament at least once a day to receive a reward through the rankings.

Icon Description
ICON: PLACEHOLDER Activity: Train your champion
ICON: PLACEHOLDER Achievement: Increase your ranking

Event page

Image Descriptions
  1. View the help for the event
  2. Your completed activities
  3. Your completed tasks
  4. Your current available trophies
  5. Your training locations
  6. The remaining time for the current discipline
  7. Button to participate in a competition
  8. The remaining time for the current cycle
  9. Name of the current discipline
  10. The trained abilities of your champion for the current discipline
  11. Your result and the trophies of your last participation
  1. Your ranking for the day
  1. History

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