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Thank you for choosing to play TribalWars and welcome to our Community.

TribalWars is a multiplayer game where every player controls a small village, striving for power and glory.

The game has now been played by ** of players for over 10 years!

We have many long standing players and still many more choosing to play each day.

We hope you enjoy your time playing TribalWars and hope you find our Wiki a great resources to assist you in your journey to one day be a Tribal War World Winner!

Helpful Links for beginners

HELP! - I'm being attacked by bigger players!

You have decided to check out this game called Tribalwars. You are getting nicely settled into your village, making your way through the quests, building your village up and recruiting troops, when the player next to you decides he wants to attack you!

Don’t panic. This is a war game after all! With enough practice, it will be you who is sending attacks to other players

First it's a good idea to determine what kind of attack is being sent.

Scouting Attack - This is when the player is sending scouts to identify your troops, resources and possibly your building levels.

Looting Attacks - This is when the enemies intention is to loot you of your resources.

Catting Attacks - These attacks are sent to destroy your village and force you to quit.

Nobling Attacks - At this point, once someone sends attacks containing noblemen they plan on taking your village away from you.

(how to tag)

Here are some suggestions on how to make it through:

  • Build up your wall. Your wall is crucial when facing the enemy. This will give you added protection from their attacks.
  • Build up your hiding place. This will help you reserve some resources to continue building. Attackers can’t steal resources that are in your hiding place.
  • Dodge your troops. If you have an attack that doesn't contain cats or nobles,send your troops out of the village. (TAGGING LINK) Attack a nearby barbarian village, for instance. This keeps your troops safe and hopefully will bring home some extra resources for you. If you are part of a tribe you could send them to your tribemate as support. When you recruit enough to kill your attackers troops (SCOUT REPORT)you can decide to withdraw them.
  • Spend your resources Before his attack hits, make sure you have buildings constructing in the queue and troops recruiting, this gives less resources available for an attacker to plunder.

If all else fails, you can restart.(how to restart) Or, if they conquer you, you can start afresh on a new world. Consider opting for the casual world, once conquered. This world has built in protections that help players who are still learning or those who want to be more casual in their play. You can't lose your first village, for instance, and players who are 120% or more larger than you can't attack you. You can find more information on casual worlds here.

Tips to help if you are not currently under heavy attack or when you restart.

Focus on troops, not village size. Your points will attract other players into attacking you,they wont defend you from enemy troops.

Join a good tribe near you. There is strength in numbers. Good tribemates can help you defend your own village or work together to attack the enemy player.

Create Allies. Make friends with your neighbors, they might be able to send some troops to support you when under attack.

Take time to read the wiki and the external forums. There is good information there, and many players are willing to help new players. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Remember if the attacks are overwhelming, you aren't the first to find them so. We have all been there. A smooth sea never made a good sailor! Those who go on to do well have persisted and never gave up!

Restarting/Being Nobled

  • Do my minted coins disappear when nobled? If you get nobled out on a world, your coins do disappear, when you restart on the rim or in your tribes area you will need to re-mint your coins.
  • Do my minted coins disappear when restart? Yes, when you select to Start over you will lose all the coins you minted.
  • What happens to troops in a village when it becomes barbarian? When a village goes barbarian, any troops inside it remain until they are killed off by an enemy
  • What happens to support from a friendly village that is stationed in my village when the original owner gets nobled? When the village that troops were originally recruited within is nobled, any troops that were outside of the village disband and cease to exist (they die). No player gets credit for having killed them.

Church worlds

  • Can I rebuild first church if the original one is nobled? Yes, if you lose your first church, you can rebuild it.
  • If I defend a players village on a church world, whose church counts, mine of the supported villages? Defending troops take the church effect of the village they are defending.
  • Why can I not upgrade my first church? The very first church that you start with will be a church that has a 6 field radius and is 10 points. This church cannot be upgraded at any point.
  • Does my church help allies or tribe near me? Churches only affect your own villages, not allies, not others. Only yours.
  • What does Religion/belief more than 1 mean? Having religion/belief at two or more has no more effect over having it at one. It’s just to inform you that your village is under the effect of two (or more) churches, you receive no extra bonus for this.
  • What happens if I noble a village with a church in it? When you noble a village with a church in it, the church vanishes.
  • Can I move my first church? Yes, you can, but you will need to demolish it in order to rebuild it in another village. If you have other churches built, you will need to noble the first church village in order to move it as it is not possible to demolish the first church when there are other churches built.


  • When I cat down an enemy statue do they lose paladin weapons? No, The weapons will re-appear in the weapon chamber when the statue is rebuilt. Usually players do not catapult the statue as it is fast to rebuild and there is no real advantage to doing this.
  • Can I catapult down the hiding place? No, the hiding place is one of the two buildings which cannot be catapulted down within TribalWars, the first church cannot be catapulted down either.
  • If the smithy is catted but not the academy, can I still create nobles? No, if your smithy building requirements do not meet that which is required to have an academy you cannot build nobles or mint any coins.
  • If my farm is maxed and is full, when it gets catapulted down do I lose the troops I can no longer support? No, but until the farm is repaired you cannot recruit new units or construct any new buildings requiring population. You can still build the rally point, farm, warehouse or levels 2, 4 or 6 of the hiding place. Any recruitment or construction that was ordered prior to the damage will continue as normal.
  • I can downgrade enemy buildings with catapults, can I downgrade their technology level in any way? No, technology cannot be reduced by anyone other than the player themselves.
  • Can a village be completely destroyed (wiped off of the map) with catapults? No, there are minimum levels which each building can be reduced to, and certain buildings such as a hiding place or first church cannot be catapulted at all.
  • If the building I target with catapults doesn't exist, will the catapults automatically target something else? No. If the building does not exist the catapults will not damage any other buildings.
  • Can I choose a new catapult target once the army has been sent? No. Once you have chosen a catapult target and sent the troops, it cannot be changed.
  • What happens when I am upgrading a building and it gets damaged? The building will upgrade one level upon completion. For Example: a level 20 Headquarters is being upgraded to level 21, and then gets knocked down to level 16. When the workers are done with the expansion it will be level 17. All resources paid for the initial expansion will be used. Cancelling the construction will only refund the resources needed for a level 17 upgrade.
  • What happens if a recruitment building like the Barracks is downgraded through being catapulted or intentionally? Any queued units will continue to be recruited, but at a much slower pace than they would have been recruited at with the original building level.
  • What happens when the rally point is destroyed? If the rally point in a village is destroyed, the player cannot send or cancel support/attack orders from that village until it is rebuilt. Other villages may still withdraw defending troops and send support (which will arrive as normal). Premium accounts can still view information about traveling troops via overviews.
  • Does targeting the wall with catapults reduce attacker casualties by lowering the wall bonus? No. However, damaging the wall will allow subsequent attacking armies to perform better but it will not affect the original attack.
  • If the prerequisites for an existing building are destroyed, can I still use it? Yes. However, some of the uses may have requirements of their own. Example: a village's smithy is destroyed. The workshop (requires level 10 smithy) would be able to recruit rams (only require level 1 workshop), but not catapults (require a level 12 smithy).

Paladin Weapons

  • When my paladin dies does it lose its weapons? No, if your paladin is killed the weapon will appear in the weapon chamber.
  • When I start over do I lose paladin weapons? No, even when you start over you keep your paladin weapons.
  • When I get nobled do I lose paladin weapons? No. If you get nobled and have to restart, you will keep all your paladin weapons.
  • When I cat down an enemy statue do they lose paladin weapons? No, The weapons will re-appear in the weapon chamber when the statue is rebuilt. Usually players do not catapult the statue as it is fast to rebuild and there is no real advantage to doing this.
  • Can I steal or trade paladin weapons? No, once you have a paladin weapon it is yours, it cannot be transferred or taken from you.
  • Can I equip more than one paladin weapon at a time? No, a paladin can only equip one weapon at a time.
  • How can I find paladin weapons faster? There is a base increase every day you log in, no matter what you do. The only way you can increase the speed at which the paladin finds a weapon is by combat experience (gaining Opponents Defeated points).
  • If there are two paladins in one village with different weapons, will they both work? Yes, if there are multiple paladin supports with different weapons then the supported troops will be able to use all of the weapons advantages combined, however, multiples of the same weapon do not increase effectiveness.
  • If there are two paladins in one village, both with the same weapon, do the weapon properties stack / double? No, only one of each weapon type count, no matter how many are present
  • Can I change the paladin weapon? Yes, go to your statue then the weapon chamber and here you can select to change your weapon. This can be done even if the paladin is already stationed in another village without the need for it to return home.

Tech Worlds

  • What happens to the researched technology levels when I noble a village? When you noble a village, the researched technologies remain with the village, i.e. if you noble a village where the original owner researched level 3 swords, the swords will already be level 3 upon nobling.
  • If I support a players village, will the troops keep the technology level from my village, or use the tech level from the village they are in? When you support a village, your troops take on the technology level of that village. For example, if your spears are at level 1 but you support a village where the player has researched level 3 spears then when the troops are in that players village they will act as level 3 spears.
  • How do I check the different benefits between tech levels? (E.g. LC level 1, LC level 2) The easiest way to do this is to go into your smithy, if you click the troop type, e.g. spear, a popup will appear. At the bottom of this popup it will show you the different technology levels, their research costs for each level and the strength of the troop at each of these levels.
  • Does upgrading catapult technology levels make them do more damage to buildings? Yes.

Level 2 catapults are 25% stronger (taking only 940 to destroy an undefended level 30 building)

Level 3 catapults are 40% stronger (taking only 839 to destroy an undefended level 30 building)

Churches are different and require at least 600 cats to destroy an undefended level 3 church.


  • Can I attack with support which is stationed at my village? No, the troops supporting your village can only be kept in your village or returned to the player who owns them. You cannot do anything else with them. To return the troops to their home village, from the Rally Point page, use the "Troops" menu and select the group of troops to send back.
  • Can I dodge resources when attacked by setting up trades? No, any resources which are current offers on the market can be plundered. The only resources which cannot be are ones which are already en route to a destination.
  • What is “sniping?" To time / recall defence in such a manner as to split an attacker’s noble train and therefore prevent him from conquering your village with one train.
  • What is ”backtiming?" This is when Player A works out when Player B’s troops will return home to player B’s village after an attack. Player A arranges an attack to hit player B’s village the moment player B’s troops return to his village.
  • What is a “Fake?" This is when a player sends a “fake attack” at another player, it usually consists of a single Axe or Ram and is used as a technique to confuse enemies as to what is attacking them. Sometimes players send 4 rams very closely to attempt to make the attack look like a noble train.
  • What is “Farming?" This is the sending of troops to enemy villages or barbarian villages in order to loot resources.
  • What is a “Nuke?" This is a massive force of troops. A nuke uses the full space of a level 30 farm to make offensive troops, the nuke has the sole objective of destroying the enemies army.
  • How do I tag incoming attacks? When there is an incoming attack, there is an inbuilt labeller that is available on the incomings overview. The inbuilt labeller will label attacks according to how much travel time is left on the attacks. Therefore if you are offline when the attacks were launched, they could be labelled incorrectly. It is always better to label attacks at the time they were first sent.
  • Why did my troops die attacking a barbarian village? Barbarian villages have a basic defensive strength, if you send only a few troops as an attack; there is a chance that one or more troops may die. The simulator will help you determine whether your troops will survive against a village's basic defence. Otherwise, there could be troops in the village either support from another player or the remaining troops of the original owner of the barbarian village.
  • Why is a barbarian village attacking me? This is part of a quest, one troop is sent to attack you, do not worry.
  • How is the OD score calculated? You gain OD by killing enemy troops. Each unit killed is worth a certain amount of OD. There are two types of OD rank, OD attack rank and OD defense rank. The OD Scores vary from troop to troop, and depend on if you are attacking or defending:
Troop Killed as attacker Kill as defender
Spear Fighter41
Light Cavalry513
Heavy Cavalry2315
Mounted Archer612

  • If I support a player and they get attacked, will I get ODD? No. Attacks upon a supported village give ODD to the village owner, but not to the people supporting that village.
  • Why won’t my troops kill attacking scouts? The only troops which can kill attacking scouts, are scouts themselves defending the village under attack. Other defending troops have no bearing on survival of attacking scouts. The defending scouts are still vulnerable to being killed by other (non-scout) attack troops.
  • Can I cancel an attack? Yes, if you cancel it soon enough. If you go into your rally point and look at the command, if you can cancel the attack you will see a “Cancel” button next to it. Each world differs on the time which is allowed to elapse between launching an attack and cancelling it.
  • If my village is attacked, will my troops or support which has been sent to me die first? If you are being supported the troops will be affected at the same rate. Your troops and support will die proportionally. For example: If 200 spears are yours, and 300 spears are outside support, then 40% of the spears killed come from your troops, and 60% of the spears killed come from the support.


  • How do people send multiple attacks in under a second? There is an inbuilt noble sender which sends 1-5 noble attacks (known as a train) at the specified attack gap for the world. Click on the village you want to send attacks to, click send troops enter the amount of troops you wish to send with the first noble and click attack. Click add nobleman attack and enter the amount of troops you wish to send with the second noble. Repeat this for the 3rd, 4th and 5th attacks and click send attack.
  • On a coin world, if my noble dies, do I need to mint new coins to remake it? No, if your noble dies you will keep the coins you used to create it, and can just recreate the noble for the normal education fee.
  • On a packet world, if my noble dies, do I need to store new packets to remake it? On most worlds, yes, however some worlds have an optional setting that allows a noble that died while attacking to be recreated for just one packet.
  • If I send more than one noble per attack do I take more loyalty? No, noblemen lower 20-35 loyalty per ATTACK, not per nobleman. Sending multiple noblemen does not increase the loyalty reduced.
  • How can I get my noblemen to reduce more loyalty The loyalty reduction is completely random and cannot be changed by the player, except on worlds with Paladin Weapons, when the noble is escorted by a Paladin carrying Vasco's Scepter.
  • If I noble the duke of a tribe, does the tribe automatically disband? No, the duke will remain in control of the tribe, even if he is at 0 points, when the system deletes the duke, or the duke deletes the account, the barons will have to option to elect themselves as duke, though only one gets this option.
  • If my nobleman dies, does the attacked villages’ loyalty reset? No, the loyalty will remain where it was, but will slowly increase at the hourly rate for that world.
  • Do I still need to send multiple noblemen at a barbarian village, or will the first one take it because it is abandoned? The barbarian villages act the same way as players villages in this sense, loyalty will be 100 unless it has already been lowered. Therefore multiple noblemen attacks must be sent in order to noble a barbarian village, the fact it is a barbarian village makes no difference.
  • How do I increase village loyalty? Village loyalty will increase at a set rate per hour depending on the world speed. There is no way this speed can be changed.


  • How are “possible resources” calculated on scouting reports? This means if you sent an attack right then, that is how many resources would be in the village when the attack got there - unless someone else farms it first. It uses the scouted village's Timber camp, Clay pit and Iron mine levels to calculate this, taking into account time passed since the report was generated and the travel time to the village.
  • How do I stop my reports disappearing? If you have premium, you can save reports indefinitely, as long as they are placed in a folder other than the default folder. In the default folder, they will still disappear after a week. Non-premium users are allowed a way to save 5 published reports that will not decay in a week. Otherwise, the limit on stored reports for non-premium players is 7 days or 100 reports + (villages * 10) more reports, whichever comes first. After reaching the maximum number they will delete automatically, even if they have not been in the account a week.
  • Why do villages vanish from farm assistant? Only the most recent farming attack on a village is shown in the Farm assistant.


  • When I click a village why don’t A+B popup? The A and B options are for farming. You can apply templates to these so when you press a letter it sends a certain amount of troops, however, this is a feature only available when you have Farm assistant.
  • How do I get troop walking distance to appear on the map? If you have premium then click on the map button, you will see a list of display options under the Mini map. You will need to check the Activate context menu button is ticket, as well as the “Show Popup.” Once this is done, click on the small down arrow to the left of “Show Popup” and tick the Boxes you want, in this instance it would be “show walking duration.”


  • Can I log onto my account though a PC and the mobile app at the same time? Yes, this is allowed. If you have a co-player one person can log in through the app whilst another uses the desktop version, however, manipulating the game to enable the desktop or app version to be opened on multiple devices of the same kind is a breach or the rules. I.e. you cannot open the desktop version on two computers at the same time.
  • Can more than one person play on an account? Yes, this is commonly known as “Co playing,” any number of players can access one account, as long as they do not have another account on the same world, or have access to another account on the same world the account they are co playing plays.
  • What are inventory items and how do I get more? Inventory items are where special items are stored. For example, when special events are run by Innogames, if there are collectable items, they will be stored in your inventory.
  • Bot protection keeps appearing, how do I stop this? This cannot be changed, bot protection always pops up at random internals, you may find it increases in regularity if you are performing repetitive tasks.
  • How can I restart in the middle of my tribe? The only time you get an option to restart in the middle of your tribe is if you belong to one and you get nobled, when you have lost all your villages and attempt to login it will let you choose your starting location, one of these options is near your tribe. If you do not select to do this, you cannot then restart and do it later, further if you do not like the position you are placed in, if you choose to “start over” you will not have the option to start in the middle of your tribe anymore.
  • Can I change my account name? Yes, this can be done by logging in and going to Settings => change username. Here you can type in what you wish to change your username to, but there will be a 500pp fee. Illegal usernames or ones which are a breach of the rules will be changed back with no refund.


  • What is a script? A script is a JavaScript code which can be used within the game from bookmarks or from the Quick bar. It enables you to access additional features to speed up and simplify gameplay. Examples include seeing all returning resources, calculating your total troop count and simplifying farming so that it is easier. You can see many examples of Legal scripts here:
  • If I add the population flag, and max my farm, can I then change the flag and keep the extra troops in the village? If you have the population flag equipped, and your population exceeds the amount allowed for that farm level without the flag, then you will be unable to change you flag until the population level dropped the amount supported by the farm without the flag.