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HELP! - I'm being attacked by bigger players!

You have decided to check out this game called Tribalwars. You are getting nicely settled into your village, making your way through the quests, building your village up and recruiting troops, when the player next to you decides he wants to attack you!

Don’t panic. This is a war game after all! With enough practice, it will be you who is sending attacks to other players

There are 3 types of attacks to be concerned with.

Looting Attacks - This is when the enemies sole intention is to loot you of your resources.

Catting Attacks - These attacks are sent to destroy your village and force you to quit.

Nobling Attacks - At this point, once someone sends attacks containing noblemen they plan on taking your village away from you.

(how to tag)

Here are some suggestions on how to make it through:

  • Build up your wall. Your wall is crucial when facing the enemy. This will give you added protection from their attacks.
  • Build up your hiding place. This will help you reserve some resources to continue building. Attackers can’t steal resources that are in your hiding place.
  • Dodge your troops. If you have an attack that doesn't contain cats or nobles,send your troops out of the village. (TAGGING LINK) Attack a nearby barbarian village, for instance. This keeps your troops safe and hopefully will bring home some extra resources for you. If you are part of a tribe you could send them to your tribemate as support. When you recruit enough to kill your attackers troops (SCOUT REPORT)you can decide to withdraw them.
  • Spend your resources Before his attack hits, make sure you have buildings constructing in the queue and troops recruiting, this gives less resources available for an attacker to plunder.

If all else fails, you can restart.(how to restart) Or, if they conquer you, you can start afresh on a new world. Consider opting for the casual world, once conquered. This world has built in protections that help players who are still learning or those who want to be more casual in their play. You can't lose your first village, for instance, and players who are 120% or more larger than you can't attack you. You can find more information on casual worlds here.

Tips to help if you are not currently under heavy attack or when you restart.

Focus on troops, not village size. Your points will attract other players into attacking you,they wont defend you from enemy troops.

Join a good tribe near you. There is strength in numbers. Good tribemates can help you defend your own village or work together to attack the enemy player.

Create Allies. Make friends with your neighbors, they might be able to send some troops to support you when under attack.

Take time to read the wiki and the external forums. There is good information there, and many players are willing to help new players. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.


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