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Level 9 flag

Flags are a relatively new feature in Tribalwars, and can take a little getting used to as they change the gameplay in many ways offering certain advantages to players whom possess them. It is important to realize the significant of flags, if they are enabled on your game world.

Only one flag can be active per village, and will only offer its bonus to one village at a time. A flag may be relocated after 24 hours.

If you lose a village with a flag you will keep the flag. Flags also carry over to new worlds (provided they too are flag worlds) giving new players a huge advantage.

Different flag types

Flag 1 3.png Resource Production

With the Resource Production Flag your villagers will be inspired to collect more resources.

Flag 2 3.png Recruitment

Training new troops may be sped up by selecting the Recruitment Flag.

Flag 3 3.png Attack Strength

Using the Attack Power Flag you can inspire your troops to fight with more power. The flag will have to be active at the village the troops have been sent from.

Flag 4 3.png Defense Strength

Gather your troops under the banner of the Defense Flag, which increases their defensive strength.

Flag 5 3.png Luck

The Luck Flag functions for attackers only. When you attack with the Luck Flag, your luck will be closer to 0. This means that if you would have originally gotten -20 luck, but used a 6% Flag you will only face -14% luck. However, when lady luck smiles upon you and you would fight at +20% originally, the same reduction takes place and your troops will fight at only +14%.

Flag 6 3.png Population

Under the influence of this flag your villagers will bundle up closely together and make room for more population in your village.

Flag 7 3.png Coins / Packages

This flag will reduce the price of coins or the price of packages.

Flag 8 3.png Haul Capacity

This flag inspires your troops to feel much more capable to carry resources across large distances, and will help will pillaging resources by allowing you to plunder more resources from a successful attack.

Colors and Bonuses

The color of a flag represents the efficiency of a flag, while an icon represents the category.

It is possible to combine three flags of the same type and level into an upgraded flag with better efficiency. The maximum level you can upgrade a flag to is level 9.

For a level 9 flag you will need 6561 grey flags.

Lvl 1 Lvl 2 Lvl 3 Lvl 4 Lvl 5 Lvl 6 Lvl 7 Lvl 8 Lvl 9
Resource Production
Flag 1 1.png Flag 1 2.png Flag 1 3.png Flag 1 4.png Flag 1 5.png Flag 1 6.png Flag 1 7.png Flag 1 8.png Flag 1 9.png
+4% +6% +8% +10% +12% +14% +16% +17% +18%
Unit Recruitment Speed
Flag 2 1.png Flag 2 2.png Flag 2 3.png Flag 2 4.png Flag 2 5.png Flag 2 6.png Flag 2 7.png Flag 2 8.png Flag 2 9.png
+6% +8% +10% +12% +14% +16% +18% +19% +20%
Attack Strength
Flag 3 1.png Flag 3 2.png Flag 3 3.png Flag 3 4.png Flag 3 5.png Flag 3 6.png Flag 3 7.png Flag 3 8.png Flag 3 9.png
+2% +3% +4% +5% +6% +7% +8% +9% +10%
Defense Strength
Flag 4 1.png Flag 4 2.png Flag 4 3.png Flag 4 4.png Flag 4 5.png Flag 4 6.png Flag 4 7.png Flag 4 8.png Flag 4 9.png
+2% +3% +4% +5% +6% +7% +8% +9% +10%
Offensive luck
Flag 5 1.png Flag 5 2.png Flag 5 3.png Flag 5 4.png Flag 5 5.png Flag 5 6.png Flag 5 7.png Flag 5 8.png Flag 5 9.png
-6% -8% -10% -12% -14% -16% -18% -19% -20%
Flag 6 1.png Flag 6 2.png Flag 6 3.png Flag 6 4.png Flag 6 5.png Flag 6 6.png Flag 6 7.png Flag 6 8.png Flag 6 9.png
+2% +3% +4% +5% +6% +7% +8% +9% +10%
Coin and Package costs
Flag 7 1.png Flag 7 2.png Flag 7 3.png Flag 7 4.png Flag 7 5.png Flag 7 6.png Flag 7 7.png Flag 7 8.png Flag 7 9.png
-10% -12% -14% -16% -18% -20% -22% -23% -24%
Haul Capacity
Flag 8 1.png Flag 8 2.png Flag 8 3.png Flag 8 4.png Flag 8 5.png Flag 8 6.png Flag 8 7.png Flag 8 8.png Flag 8 9.png
+2% +3% +4% +5% +6% +7% +8% +9% +10%

How do I get flags?

You can find flags in the game, but only up to level 5. It's also possible to purchase flags with premium points. Flaggen zu kaufen.

You can get flags by:

  • Fighting other armies (Similiar to the paladin)
  • Recruiting nobles
  • Gaining awards (With the exception of the "True friend" achievement)
  • Completing certain quests
  • Purchasing them with premium points
  • Recruiting new players

The following overview, found in TODO gives you a hint how you may get your next flag.

How do I activate a flag?

You may reach the flag overview by clicking on the flag symbol in the top right of the page:

Flag symbol.png

Or by clicking on the flag on the village overview:

Flag village.png

When you enable a flag you will not be able to change it for 24 hours. Choose wisely!

By clicking the flag you want you can enable it for the village. If you have three or more flags of the same kind and level you can upgrade them by clicking the red arrow left of the Flag. Please be aware that account sitters are also able to do this.

Flag Overview

You can view which flags are active in your villages by going to the Research Overview. You may also (re-)allocate flags here.

Flags in the Research Overview

Trading Flags

If you're looking for a flag with a certain bonus you might be able to trade it for a flag of equal level with a fellow tribe member. Trading flags is only possible in a 1:1 ratio.

Trading Flags

Purchasing a flag package

You have the option of purchasing more flags from the Flag Overview.

Flag package1.png Flag package2.png Flag package3.png

Every flag package has 3 flags - one level 3, one of level 4, and one of level 5. The flags are randomized: it's possible to get three flags of the same kind.

There's a 25% probability of getting an extra flag with every flag purchased. This bonus will however only trigger once, and can be a flag of any level normally in the package.

Other Information

  • Flags are account-wide and can be used on any flag world. If you get a flag from an old world and you decide to join world 76, you can activate your old flag there.
  • If you lose a village with a flag you shall not lose the flag as well.
  • The population-increasing flags can only be swapped out when the normal population limit is not being exceeded.
  • For the friendship awards you do not get any flag rewards.
  • Only the defensive and offensive flags can be scouted.
  • The combat simulator has been updated with flags, so that you can make a correct assumption as how battles might go with flags enabled.