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The Gold coin system is one of the two possible settings used in worlds for the production of noblemen. The other is the Package system.

Gold coin system information

There are three requirements that must be met before you can create a nobleman.

1. You need enough farm space - noblemen require 100 farm space in order to be built.

2. You need enough gold coins. Coins are minted in the Academy and typically cost Wood: 28000 Clay: 30000 Iron: 25000. The first noble you train will require one coin, the second two coins, and so on. This means by the time you've trained your third noble you will have minted at six coins (1 + 2 + 3 = 6).

3. You need enough resources to train the nobleman: Wood: 40000 Clay: 50000 Iron: 50000.

As worlds progress the cost of gold coins normally is reduced by the game management team. However, some worlds do launch with reduced costs.

An example of the recruit screen in an Academy on a coin system world.