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It should be noted that the following guidance will provide you with all legal ways to move from one account to another. Coplaying is not supported by the tribal wars team. While we realise it does happen the rules must be followed at all times before, during and after. This guide will explain what these legal methods are.

Players that share a connection or have done so in the past

  • In this situation you CANNOT noble villages from the other player. To do so would be a breach of rules, regardless of whether you still share a connection or not.
  • You can set your account to be deleted, wait 24 hours then join the other account. The other account cannot noble your villages at any point before or after you join the new account. You cannot set your account to be sat it MUST be deleted. Reversing this deletion is not allowed.

Players that have never shared a connection that would like to merge accounts.

  • All except ONE of the villages you want to transfer to the new account must first be fully nobled.
  • Once nobles are enroute to your last village, you must set your account to be deleted from the world. Once the deletion has begun, it cannot be stopped. If you fail to delete your account before the last village is nobled, you will have to restart the world then wait 5 full days before you can delete your account from the world.
  • You must wait 24 hours after setting your account to be deleted before you can join the new account.

Players that would like to leave the account they are playing to join a different account on the world

  • The account you are playing currently must change its password.
  • Once the password has been changed, you must wait 24 hours before you can join the new account. If there are any problems with this please contact the support team BEFORE joining the new account.
  • The old account must continue playing the world, and this cannot be by account sitting. If the old account will no longer be played, you should instead follow the guidance for merging accounts.
  • The New account and the old account cannot noble from each other moving forward. They will now be considered as accounts that have shared a connection in the past.

Merging or changing accounts without observing these procedures is a rule breach. You can be banned and punished if you do not follow them. If you have any questions then you can send in a support ticket and the support team will endeavour to help you with the problem.