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Stronghold Artwork

The Strongholds are a game feature introduced in March 2019 which offer tribes the ability to build up a shared stronghold, which provides several benefits, most importantly allowing to launch larger attacks. Building up strongholds is a costly endeavor and requires the whole tribe to contribute resources. While every tribe member can contribute to the stronghold only barons and dukes can administrate it. Attacking or even destroying a stronghold will give rewards to the attacking tribe.

Building a Stronghold

Dukes can use the Stronghold screen to set up the construction site on a grass tile. The construction site is established instantly and visible on the map. In this state the stronghold doesn't have any function, but it needs resources. All tribe members can send resources from their villages to the stronghold to help construct it. Resources can only be sent to a stronghold but not sent back from it.

If the necessary resources are not delivered in time the construction site will disappear from the map and all send resources are lost. The time until which a construction site needs to be completed is 72 hours on a world with a speed of "1" (36 hours on a world with speed "2" accordingly). Any attacks arriving at a construction site will automatically turn into a visit and return to the village the attack came from.

Upgrading a Stronghold

Once the stronghold has reached level 1 it is ready to be used. But to make it even stronger it can be upgraded to a total of 10 levels. These upgrades require resources (just like constructing the stronghold) but these upgrades can be done at any time and don't need to be finished within a specific timeframe. Once an upgrade is finished all buildings in the stronghold are set to the new levels (see below). The same applies if the level of a stronghold is reduced. The upgrade/build costs for each new level are connected to the amount of villages the tribe owns.

The buildings inside a stronghold depend on the level of the stronghold. Except of the wall and the headquarters they cannot be damaged and only the wall can be repaired. Strongholds always have a "first church", even when churches are disabled on the world. But this church does not provide a radius and only counts for the stronghold itself.

Stronghold Buildings
Icon Level HQ Wall Barracks Stable Workshop Rally Point Smithy Church
Stronghold Construction Site 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0
Stronghold Level 1+2 1 3 2 2 2 1 15 1
2 6 4 4 4 2

Stronghold Level 3+4 3 9 6 6 6 3

4 12 8 8 8 4

Stronghold Level 5+6 5 15 10 10 10 5

6 18 12 12 12 7

Stronghold Level 7+8 7 21 14 14 14 9

8 24 16 18 16 11

Stronghold Level 9+10 9 27 18 22 18 13

10 30 20 25 20 15

Stronghold Benefits

Strongholds have the following, permanent benefits:

  • Significantly more farm space then normal villages.
  • Much larger warehouse capacity. These resources can potentially be looted if the world settings allow for it.
  • A 100% boost to unit recruitment times, compared to normal villages.
  • Each level of a stronghold increases the duration of the Tribe Skills by 10%, up to a total of 100%.

Reducing the level of an enemy stronghold will reward the tribe with:

  • Free coins for every tribe member. The amount of coins depends on the amount of villages the enemy tribe has and the level of the stronghold that was attacked.
  • An additional, temporary +100% recruitment speed boost, for your tribe's stronghold, when an enemy stronghold is reduced by one or more levels.

Coins Calculation

The number of coins your tribe will receive is determined by the following formulas:

TotalCoinReward = AmountHostileVillages * StrongholdLevel / 10

TotalCoinReward is the total number of coins that will be distributed in your tribe.

PlayerCoinReward = ROUND( TotalCoinReward * AmountOwnVillages / TotalAmountTribeVillages)

PlayerCoinReward is the number of coins that a player will receive, based on the amount of villages he owns and the total amount of villages in his tribe.

As a result, it is possible that in some circumstances you will not receive any gold coins from destroying a stronghold!

Attacking a Stronghold

Attacks on stronghold work mostly like attacks on normal villages but there are three important differences:

  • When attacking a stronghold only the walls and HQ can be targeted by siege equipment.
  • Strongholds can only be destroyed (see below), not conquered. When a stronghold reaches level 0 it becomes a construction site again. If the resources to build it up again are not provided in time it will be removed from the map.
  • Strongholds use a new system called "Valor".


Attacks from or to a stronghold use valor, which works similar to the "morale" system, even if the world configuration does not use this setting. The Valor calculation affects the attacker's strength and is calculated when a command is sent from or to a stronghold. It is calculated based on the tribe/player points. Leaving or joining a tribe does not have an affect on Valor. The impact of Valor has a minimum value of 20% and a maximum value of 150%.

Repairing Walls

A stronghold's wall work just like the walls in any other village, but dukes and barons can only repair, not construct them. Walls can only be repaired up to the max level of the current stronghold level.

Reducing the Stronghold Level

Attacking the HQ can lead to the stronghold level being reduced as they are directly connected. To determine the stronghold level the HQ has to be exactly the value for this level (rounded down). For example: If a stronghold level 8 (HQ level 24) is attacked and the HQ level is reduced to level 23, the stronghold level will be reduced to 7 and therefore the HQ level to 21. Thus the HQ can be reduced by 3 levels per attack but the stronghold level only by 1.