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Tribe Quests

Each week the members of a tribe will get a random quest to gain additional Prestige. Each of these quests is divided into 3 milestones. The players will get these quests as icons similar to the known quests. Those tribe quests show the individual targets for each player and not those for the tribe.

Tribe quests.png

While the overall goals of the quests are limited, the target amounts (e.g. buildings to be constructed) scale with the time each player has been playing on the world.

Tribe quest.png

For every milestone a player reaches he will be rewarded with Prestige immediately after reaching it. If a player reached all milestones, he has to wait for the next tribe quest. The tribe will be rewarded with Prestige when the timer for the current quest expires. hich is calculated by the average of all the tribe members' progress. The progress is measured by the milestones all tribe members reached. Not participating, or failing to reach the first milestone in the active quest is calculated as "0" (no milestone). The tribe progress is visualized on the Tribe Skills screen.

Tribe quest overview.png

How to read the graphic:

  • Tribe progress between 1 and 2: the average of all tribe members' progress results in a value between 1.0 and 2.0 (same with other milestones).
  • Tribe progress 2: The average of all of the tribe's player equals exactly 2 (same with other milestones).
  • If the average of all of the tribe's players is less than 1.0, the tribe progress will not yield any additional prestige as no milestone has been reached..

Please remember: The milestones for each quest depend on the time a player is playing on a world. So player can have different milestones. Currently 6 tribe quests are available which will be activated randomly for each tribe.

Quest Description Hints
Recruit units (population) Recruit units in any of your villages until you reach the required population usage
  • Also Noblemen and Paladins are counted
  • Using the Privilege item is counted towards this quest
  • A unit is considered only if the recruitment is finished
Defeat units (population) Defeat units (by population usage) either in offensive or defensive battles
  • Attacking own villages will credit the points as attacker and defender
Spend resources Spend resources anywhere in the game to complete this goal
  • Actions: Recruiting troops, recruiting noblemen, upgrading buildings, recruiting and training of Paladins, research, minting coins / packages. All actions are counted towards the milestone as soon as the order is finished.
  • Actions on the market:
    • Trade with the village merchant
    • Accepting a market offer
    • Selling resources to the Premium Exchange
    • Sending resources to other players will be considered as soon as they arrive
  • Items that immediately finish a building or unit aren't counted
Attack barbarians (minimum 20 pop) Attack barbarian villages ensuring that the attack consists of at least 20 population
  • Scout attacks are counted
  • An attack must arrive to be considered for this quest
  • The attacking units don't need to survive
Loot resources Loot resources from other villages -
Construct buildings You can construct buildings in your Village Headquarters
  • Using the items "Secret Key" and "Inheritance" increases your progress.
  • The building order must be finished to be counted.

The values for the milestones increase weekly and are capped after playing on a world for 52 weeks.