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[[Tribe Skills]]
[[Tribe Skills]]
[[Tribe Quests]]
[[Tribe Quests]]

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Tribes are a major part of Tribal Wars, allowing players to group up to support each other and eventually win a world.

Finding a tribe

It is strongly recommended that you find a tribe to join as soon as possible if you are a new player. While it is possible to create your own tribe, we would recommend waiting until you have more experience to do so.

In order to join a tribe you will need to receive an invite, it is not possible to apply via the game interface. To view a list of tribes, you can click on Rankings and then Tribes. However, you may prefer to view tribes that have a strong position on your continent, in which case you should go to Rankings and then Continent Tribes.

Most tribes will typically show whether they are recruiting or not on their profile. They will also list the name of the leader or recruitment manager. This is the person you should mail to enquire about an invitation.

Leaving a tribe

If you aren't happy in your tribe, it is always possible to leave. Click "leave tribe" to leave your tribe. You find that button when you click on "tribe", right above the internal announcement.

Note that this is subject to world settings, some worlds do not allow you to leave your tribe.

Positions in the tribe

There are a number of privileges that can be given to each tribe member.

Found.png Duke / Tribe founder
Setting someone to duke status makes this player Tribal founder, with all powers and rights in the tribe. They can disband the tribe, change its name and settings and edit other players' rights.

Never give this right to a member unless you really trust them. They can disband your tribe, and once that is done there is no way to get it back. You will need to recreate it from scratch.

Lead.png Baron / Tribal aristocracy
Barons are able to set privileges and titles of other members and kick members from the tribe.

You should be careful when giving out this right. A malicious baron could kick all the members of the tribe.

Invite.png Invite
Gives the player access to send invites to other players.
Diplomacy.png Diplomacy
Allows the players to edit the tribe's profile and edit the diplomacy lists. They can set which tribes appear as NAP, Ally or enemy.
Mass mail.png Circular mail
Gives the player access to easily send a message to the entire tribe. However, to send a message to more than three players a Premium account is required.
Forum mod.png Moderator in the tribal forum
Gives the player the ability to edit and delete posts in the tribe's internal forums.
Internal forum.png Hidden forums
Allows the player to see forums that are marked as being invisible to normal tribe members.
Trusted member.png Forums for trust-able members
Allows the player to see forums that are marked as only being viewable by trust-able members.

Tribe Features

Tribe Skills

Tribe Quests