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The watchtower monitors your environment for incoming attacks on your villages. Once an attack is within range of your watchtower, it will mark the attacks with appropriate information, no matter which village is the target of the attack. The Watchtower is a tool to help new and experienced players filter information, especially in the middle to late game. In short, it discovers incoming attacks and tagged them automatically with the most important information. Of course, the watchtower also has costs, which is why a strategic placement is important and he is an interesting target for offensive players. Each player can build any number of watchtowers. These can be destroyed with catapults.

watchtower from level 1: watchtower from level 5: watchtower from level 15: watchtower Small graphic: watchtower Configurations: 20 Requirements: main building Main building (level 5) farm Farm (Level 5) Table of Contents [ Hide ] 1 function 2 Further facts about the watchtower 2.1 Construction costs and needed farm places 2.2 Range 2.3 Tagging attacks 3 video


And this is how the watchtower works: Any attack within the reach of a watchtower will be tagged with the strength of the troop and whether it is headed by a noble family. This not only concerns attacks on villages that are within range of a watchtower, but attacks that extend beyond the reach of a watchtower. The tags are retained even if the attack is out of range of a watchtower. The tags are displayed in the village overview. Players with an active premium account will also see them in the Arrivals overview. The range can be increased by removing the watchtower. In the browser version, the range of the watchtower is shown on the map. Users of the mobile versions must call up the Watchtower page. If an incoming attack is detected but is not yet within range of the watchtower, it is marked with an ax and an eye. Restriction: If a village is conquered, which is within the range of a watchtower, but has no watchtower itself and attacks on the newly conquered village, they are not tagged. By clicking on a watchtower, the side of the watchtower opens with a brief description of the building and a map that graphically depicts the current range of this watchtower on the small map. watchtower watchtower More facts about the watchtower



The further the watchtower is expanded, the greater the range of the watchtower:


Tagging attacks

Icon importance Attack small.png Small Attack (1 - 1000 troops) Attack medium.png Medium Attack (1001 - 5000 troops) Attack large.png Big attack (more than 5000 troops) Unit snob.png The attack contains a noble family Wt attack.png Display when an attack is tagged by a watchtower, but the attack is not yet within reach