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This page lists all of the winners of past worlds. You may notice that there are quite a few worlds that are still going but are not open to new players: we do this to ensure fair worlds for new players, and to not keep a world open indefinitely.

How do we win a world?

Secret worlds

Worlds with secrets will be won when one tribe holds 20 different secrets for 28 days.

Older worlds

One or two tribes can trigger a vote for deciding how the world will end by owning 85% of all player owned villages. Note that unlike the requirement for disabling restarts/morale, the two tribes must be allied.

Once a vote starts players on the world can either vote for the world to end after 2 months, 3 months or when all enemy opposition has been nobled out of the world. At least 50% of voters must vote for an option for it to go through. If that does not happen, the poll will be rerun with only the two most popular choices available.

Please note that the rank 1 tribe will be declared as the overall winner, and only players in the rank 1 tribe will receive premium prizes.

However, we are aware that all worlds are different and so for some it would take a very long time to trigger the vote. We will also accept requests from tribe leaders for the vote to start on a case by case basis. These will be carefully considered by our team and then either accepted/declined. If declined you must wait another 3 months before sending in a request. Please do not send in a request unless your tribe or your alliance has at least 70% domination.

Worlds are routinely checked for meeting end game requirements and the changes will happen in due course.

Winners worlds 1-10

World Tribe
1 Embassy of HELL (HELL)

Announcement Guest Access

2 Dominant Force (DF)

Announcement Guest Access

3 Old World Players (OWP)

Announcement Guest Access

4 Liberating Infantry For Life (LIFE)

Announcement Guest Access

5 -

This world is still going

6 Heaven (BEST)

Announcement Guest Access

7 World Empire (-WE-)

Announcement Guest Access

8 Fenix (Fenix)

Announcement Guest Access

9 Dark Night SiouX (DNS)

Announcement Guest Access

10 Dead Mans Hand (8AA8)

Announcement Guest Access