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World Speed

The "Speed" of worlds is the factor with which the default speeds of various things on a world are multiplied. Perhaps most simply put, a building will build twice as quickly on a Speed 2 world compared to the same building on a world with Speed 1. Among the things governed by the world speed are building times, unit travel times, merchant travel times, resource production rates and the daily Paladin Weapon finding percentage increase.

Unit Speed

Unit Speed is the factor with which in particular the standard unit speed of units on a world is multiplied. To get the actual unit speed on any particular world, divide the default speed with the World Speed and the Unit Speed.

For example, a Spearman unit, with a standard speed of 6 minutes per map field, on a Speed 2 world with a Unit Speed of 1.5 will take 6 / 2 / 1.5 = 2 minutes to cross a single map field.


The Paladin is a single, powerful unit that can be recruited at a Statue, if activated in a world. Equippable weapons which can give various bonuses are can be available in one of two different sets or completely deactivated.


Governs the availability of the Archer and Mounted archer units, and the "Archery" combat factor.


Governs the availability of the Church and First church buildings and the Belief combat factor.

Noble Payment System

There are two main systems in use for the purchasing of Noblemen, Coins and Packages. A world can be set to either. The prices can also vary - the most common variation seen is the reduction of prices in late-phases.


I really cannot be bothered to write about Morale at this time.

Bonus Villages

Information on the type of Bonus Villages, see Bonus villages for more information.

Tech / Research System

There are various different systems of Research and Technology available, please see Research Systems for more information.

Beginner Protection

Beginner protection (BP for short) is a set amount of time that a player's village cannnot be attacked after a world has started which is intended to allow that player to "find their feet" before being set upon by their neighbours. BP is generally determined in days, and will usually vary between 2 to 5 days.

Tribe Member Limit

The Tribe Member limit is the amount of players that can be members of a single tribe. Rare worlds may not have any maximum number of members at all.


Indicates whether or not the Militia unit is available for summoning.

Account Manager

Availability or non-availability of the Account manager premium expansion feature.

Tribe Wars

'Tribe Wars' is a feature that can be made use of by tribes to track various war statistics about wars they declare officially via said tool. Availability on the world is indicated by this setting.

Direction Choice

Governs whether an option is shown to players upon joining a world to choose a general direction in which their village should be placed when spawned. Available directions are: "North-West, North-East, South-East and South-West."

Command Gaps

Attack and Support movements, which are jointly referred to as Commands, are sent as soon as you hit the 'OK' button on the command confirmation screen. There are a number of ways - both legal and illegal - available to players to reduce the amount of time necessary to click several 'OK' buttons. This is usually used to 'cluster' one's attacks containing noblemen close together so that they can all land quickly after a large attack which is intended to clear an enemy village of defending troops. Sending the noblemen close togther makes it more difficult for the defender to slip in other troops to destroy the incoming noblemen, who are travelling with only a small party.

The Command Gaps are periods of time automatically inserted between attacks that are sent 'too' close together. The default is 100ms (milliseconds). This means that if you send one command to at 1:00:33:347 (hours:minutes:seconds:milliseconds), and manage to send the next to land at 1:00:33:349, the system will make it land at 1:00:33:447 instead, assuming the world you're on is using a 100ms attack gap.