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There are two types of premium account available in Tribal Wars. Both can be activated on an account on just one world for either 3, 7, 14 or 30 days. Activating a premium account requires premium points, which in turn can be purchased via many possible payment methods on the Premium page in-game.

Standard premium account

The standard premium account is suitable for all players, and is designed to help improve your game play. Activating the premium account will turn on a vast number of new features and interface improvements.

Just some of the advantages are:

  • Increased building queue
  • Larger map size (up to 30x30)
  • More detailed village overview
  • Ability to mark players, tribes and villages on the map with custom colours
  • A customizable quick bar, that also allows you to quickly run approved scripts
  • Adds a number of overviews, allowing you to quickly view and manage all your villages
  • Easier movement between your villages
  • More information shown on the map
  • Notebook, coat of arms, no deletion to inactivity, and over 20 other improvements

A full list of advantages can be found by clicking on Premium in-game and then clicking on Advantages.

Account manager

The Account Manager is a secondary premium account for larger accounts (typically those with at least 5 villages) that allows you to more easily automate production in your villages. The Account Manager requires a Standard Premium Account to be activated.

The account manager currently includes these features:

  • Village manager: Allows you to enter fixed building levels that your village will automatically queue and upgrade to.
  • Automatic trade routes between villages, allowing you to keep your resources balanced.
  • Automatic recruitment of units
  • Customized attack notifications

For more information, please click on Premium in-game and then on Account manager.

Note: Account manager is currently not available on all worlds.

Building time reduction

In the Village Headquarters you are able to reduce the remaining build time of one assignment by 50% for a cost of 10 premium points.

Farm Assistant

The farm assistant is an optional add-on to the standard premium account which enables you to manage your plundering and looting of barbarian villages to gather resources. It is also included in the Account manager package.

The farm assistant includes the following features:

  • Quickly send attacks to barbarian villages directly from the map screen.
  • Create your own templates to choose which troops to send in your farming raids.
  • Calculate and send the correct number of troops to haul all of a village's resources, based on the last scout attack for that village.

Name changes

It is possible to change your account name in exchange for premium points using the account name changing feature.

To change your account name, please go to Settings > Account > Change User Name. Once your name has been changed, your old name will remain unavailable for use for a period of 180 days.

Please note that the following restrictions apply:

  • You can only change your name once every 14 days.
  • If you change your name to something that violates the rules you will be forced to change your name again and further action may be taken against your account.
  • Changing your game name will automatically change the name you use on the external forum.