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Awards are distinctions awarded to you by the game for meeting certain criteria. The criterion can be reaching a particular level of points, a war-related accomplishment or even just reaching a certain amount of friends. However, for some awards you either have to have especially good or bad luck.

The available awards may be different per world as some are only applicable to certain types of world setting. Additionally, some awards only become available in later stages of the world.

To view the list of available awards, click on Ranking on the top menu to view the rankings, then click on your own name to view your profile. The awards will be listed on the bottom right of the page.

Some awards allow you to track your progress towards meeting them. To do so, hover your mouse over the award image.

If you're prefer to keep your awards private, you can customize your privacy by going to Settings on the top menu, then Awards on the left menu.

Awards list

One time awards

Award15.png Unlucky fellow Achieved when one of your attacks drops the loyalty of a village to exactly +1.
Award14.png Lucky fellow Achieved when one of your attacks conquers a village at exactly 0 loyalty.
Award6.png Death of a hero Achieved when you lose a number of units while supporting other villages.
Levels: 100 units; 1,000 units; 10,000 units; 100,000 units.
Award8.png Continent scorer Achieved when you reach top rankings in your continent.
Levels: Top 100 players; Top 30 players; Top 5 players; Rank 1.
Award7.png Top scorer Achieved when you reach top rankings in the world.
Levels: Top 1,000 players; Top 100 players; Top 20 players; Rank 1.
Award5.png Leader Achieved when you defeat a number of enemy units.
Levels: 10,000 defeated; 100.000 defeated; 1,000,000 defeated; 20,000,000 defeated.
Award13.png Paladin's power Achieved when you have found all of the paladin items.
Award3.png Plunderer Achieved when you plunder other villages a number of times.
Levels: 10 times; 100 times; 1,000 times; 10,000 times.
Award2.png Robber Achieved when you loot a number of resources.
Levels: 500 resources; 10,000 resources; 1,000,000 resources; 100,000,000 resources.
Award16.png Victim Achieved if you are conquered less than one week after your beginner protection has ended.
Award1.png Score champion This award is gained when you reach a certain number of points.
Levels: 100 points; 5,000 points; 100,000 points; 10,000,000 points.
Award18.png Self-attack Achieved when you attack yourself and lose more than a certain number of units in the battle.
Levels: 10 units; 100 units; 1,000 units; 10,000 units.
Award19.png Self-conquest Conquer yourself!
Award4.png Conquest Gained when you have conquered a number of villages.
Levels: 5 villages conquered; 50 villages conquered; 500 villages conquered; 1,000 villages conquered.
Award17.png Resurrection Achieved when you have started over 5 times.
Award20.png Successful noble claims You gain this award when you have conquered a number of your noble claims.
Levels: 5 claims fulfilled; 25 claims fulfilled; 50 claims fulfilled; 100 claims fulfilled.
Brothers in arms.png Brothers in Arms Achieved when you have been a member of your tribe for a number of days.
Levels: 30 days; 60 days; 180 days; 360 days.
Scout hunter.png Scout Hunter Achieved when you have fended off a number of scout attacks.
  • The attack has to consist solely of scouts (a paladin equipped with the scout weapon counts).
  • There must be at least 5 scouts in the attack.
  • You must defeat all the scouts in the attack.

Levels: 25 scout attacks; 50 scout attacks; 250 scout attacks; 500 scout attacks.
Reliable commander.png Reliable Commander Achieved when you have supported other players in a number of battles.
Levels: 50 battles; 100 battles; 500 battles; 3000 battles.
Demolisher.png Demolisher Awarded when you have catapulted a number of building levels.
Levels: 25 building levels; 250 building levels; 2,500 building levels; 10,000 building levels.
Nobles faith.png Nobles Faith Gained when you defeat a number of noblemen.
Levels: 15 noblemen; 100 noblemen; 350 noblemen; 700 noblemen.
Wealth comes in gold.png Wealth comes in gold Achieved when you have minted a number of gold coins.
Levels: 50 coins; 500 coins; 5,000 coins; 50,000 coins.
Market guru.png Market Guru Awarded when you have made a number of trades through your market.
Levels: 10 trades; 100 trades; 500 trades; 1,000 trades.
Master of the battlefield.png Master of the Battlefield Awarded when you have completely destroyed a number of hostile armies.
  • Does not count attacks against self.
  • There must be at least 20 population worth in the hostile army for it to count.

Levels: 25 armies; 250 armies; 1,000 armies; 2,500 armies.
Warmonger.png The Warlord Gained when you have attacked a number of different players.
Levels: 10 players; 25 players; 100 players; 250 players.
Beloved friends.png Beloved Friend Achieved when you have made a number of friendships.
Levels: 5 friends; 15 friends; 50 friends; 100 friends.

Daily awards

In addition to the one-time awards, it is also possible to gain daily awards, by competing with other players in the world for the daily (from midnight to midnight) title. Every day, only one player can receive the same type of daily award; if there is a tie, no-one will win the award for that day.

Image Name Description
Award10.png Attacker of the day Defeat the most units in the world as an attacker.
Award11.png Defender of the day Defeat the most units in the world as a defender.
Award9.png Plunderer of the day Plunder the most villages in the world.
Award12.png Great power of the day Take over the most villages in the world.
Farmer of the day.png Looter of the day Plunder the most resources in the world.