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Trade allows you to exchange resources with other players. You can trade resources in the Market.

Free trade

Free trade is when you send resources to another village without receiving anything in return. With the exception of sending resources to your own villages, you may be limited from doing this for a set period of time after you join a world. If you are currently restricted from using free trade, an error message will be shown when you try, along with the date and time at which you can send resources.

One merchant can transport a maximum of 1000 resources. This could be 1000 of one resource, or split up between different resources in any way. For example, one merchant could carry 100 wood, 350 clay and 550 iron.

When you increase the size of your market you will receive more merchants. This means you will be able to transport more resources at the same time.

When you want to trade resources with someone you don't know you should create an offer on the market instead of using the free trade system. This ensure that both sides of the trade receive exactly what they asked for.

Trading using offers

The offers system allows you to either create your own predefined offers that other players can accept, or accept offers that others have already made. When you accept an offer, or someone else accepts your own offer, the resources are sent automatically.

To create an offer go to the market and click on own offers. From this screen you can create as many offers as you wish. It can be a good idea to split a very large offer into many smaller ones so more players can accept them.

To accept another player's offer click on other offers. You can also filter the results depending on what resource you are looking for and the maximum duration.

An example of the other offers page in the Market.