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World ending

There are several factors which can determine when a world will end. World ending conditions can vary dramatically so, as a world progresses, we would advise you to check the endgame requirements for the world you are playing. Three types of endgame scenarios are built into the game: Secrets of Power, Dominance, and Points or Villages requirements.

In some worlds, particularly older worlds, no automatic endgame system is in place. In these worlds, other requirements or conditions may need to be met in order for the world to end. Please refer to individual world or market announcements for information about when a world will end.

Secrets of Power

So you've built up your troops, nobled your enemies, joined a powerful tribe and are the terror of smaller players everywhere. What to do next? At a set time in the game, "Secrets of Power" will appear in barbarian villages all over the map. These secrets are inventions and discoveries that will lead your world to a new age. And they are the main objectives of the game: A tribe that manages to hold a full set of Secrets for a certain time will be the dominant force in this new age and will win the game.

Controlling a Secret

You gain control of a secret when you conquer the village where it is currently stored (indicated by a special flag icon on the main map) or the secret is moved into one of your villages. Unlike troops, a secret can only move a small number of fields at a time. After being moved, the secret needs to rest in the village for a set amount of time, dependent on world settings. Once you give a move order to a secret, it will leave your control - you cannot cancel the move or get it back (unless it is moved back to you), so be careful who you entrust it to.

Secrets spreading

After a while, secrets will start to spread around a tribe holding them. You will receive periodic updates informing you when and possibly to where the secret will spread. The newly spawned "copy" of the secret is just as good as the original! Eventually the secrets will spread around more and more, making it ever harder to keep your opponents' greedy hands from them. Eventually it will be time to make an attack on any villages holding secrets your tribe does not yet control.

Winning the game

To win the game a tribe must hold a full set of secrets. You don't have to hold all Secrets on the map, but your tribe must have at least one instance of each named secret. After a tribe has acquired control of a full set, a victory countdown timer will start. If a tribe retains control of a whole set for the countdown period, it will win the game. Note that only the set counts: If a tribe has more than one copy of a secret, it is sufficient for that tribe to retain control of one instance of this secret to retain completeness of the full set and thus win the game.

After a tribe has won, the world will automatically go to peace settings and will eventually be closed.

Age of Enlightenment

The Age Of Enlightenment is a type of Endgame, introduced in July 2019 in which players or tribes will need to conquer one of the special University villages and upgrade the University on a certain level. Once a tribe or a player builds the last level of the University in this special village, the world will end.

To achieve that goal faster, the players of a tribe must work together and send resources to the village. The idea behind this endgame concept, is the build and upgrade of a "World wonder" as a winning condition.

You can find more information in the following page: Age of Enlightenment


As the weeks and months pass, you may find that your tribe is slowly creeping across the map and gaining a stranglehold on the world. In a dominance-based endgame, this could mean that you and your tribunates are close to winning the world. Once a tribe reaches a set level of dominance (which varies according to world settings), a warning will be sent out to all players informing them that one tribe is getting close to winning the world. From this point onwards, it's an ongoing battle for the dominant tribe to achieve their goal, and for everyone else to try to stop them!

What is dominance?

Dominance is calculated as the percentage of player-owned villages belonging to a tribe. For example, if there are 100,000 player-owned villages in a world, and a tribe owns 50,000 of those villages, that tribe has 50% dominance.

Requirements to win

For a tribe to win the world, both of the following conditions must be met (precise requirements depend on world settings):

  • The world must be of a minimum age
  • The tribe must meet the required level of dominance

Winning the game

A warning will be sent out to all players when the winning requirements are close to being met. Once both conditions have been met, a report will be sent to players saying that the endgame is in effect, and when peace settings will come into effect. The tribe who achieved the required dominance level will win the game.

Points/Villages requirements

This endgame scenario can apply to either a tribe or a player, dependent on world settings. The player scenario is sometimes used in high speed worlds, but is uncommon in worlds played at a slower speed. In both cases in order to win the world a player or tribe must obtain a minimum amount of points and a minimum number of villages. Then they must hold it for a set period of time. If the player or tribe drops below the victory requirements, endgame will be cancelled and they must start the process again.

Requirements to win

For a tribe or player to win the world, the following conditions must be met (exact requirements depend on world settings):

  • The player/tribe must meet the minimum points requirement
  • The player/tribe must meet the minimum villages requirement
  • The player/tribe must hold both of the above conditions continuously for a specified amount of time

Winning the game

A warning will be sent to all players when a player or tribe has met the victory conditions. At this point, the rest of the world have a specified amount of time in which to bring the player/tribe back below the victory conditions. If the player/tribe maintains the requirements continuously for the specified time, they win the world.