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The package system is one of the two possible settings used in worlds for the production of noblemen. The other is the Gold coin system.

Package system information

Note: Packages are sometimes referred to as packets.

There are three requirements that must be met before you can create a nobleman.

1. You need enough farm space - noblemen require 100 farm space in order to be built.

2. You need enough packages. Packages can be purchased with resources and stored in the Academy. A package typically costs Wood: 28000 Clay: 30000 Iron: 25000.

3. You need enough 'Academy levels'. The number of noblemen you can recruit is restricted by the number of academies you have. For every academy level you can have 1 nobleman or conquered village. Academies on Worlds with the Packet System can have a maximum of 3 levels.

On most worlds that use the package system the cost in packages per nobleman will increase by one for each nobleman you produce. However, some worlds use a "steady prices" system where each nobleman will always cost exactly one package.

An example of the recruit screen in an Academy on a package system world.