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Bonus villages are special types of villages (marked with a glow on the map) that provide the village with one special attribute. There are a number of different bonus types. It's not possible for a player to start with a bonus village, they must always be conquered. If bonus villages are enabled on a world, you will find them on the map.

If bonus villages are enabled on a world there are two types of possible settings, either old or enhanced. The following is a list of all the types of bonus villages, along with their bonuses.

TypeOld style bonusEnhanced style bonus
Wood 10% more wood production 100% more wood production
Clay 10% more clay production 100% more clay production
Iron 10% more iron production 100% more iron production
Farm 10% higher farm population 10% higher farm population
Barracks 10% faster infantry production 50% faster infantry production
Stable 10% faster cavalry production 50% faster cavalry production
Workshop 50% faster infantry production 100% faster infantry production
Resources 3% more production of all resources 30% more production of all resources
Market Unavailable 50% more storage capacity and merchants