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Limited Hauls is a world setting where each player is limited in the amount of resources they can loot from other villages.

Below your rally point you will be able to see the amount of resources you have looted in the past 24 hours, as well as your current limit.

Limited hauls.png

In this example, the player has looted 23,642 resources in the past 24 hours. Their limit is 49,875 resources. If they reach their limit, they would not be able to loot any further resources until the amount of resources looted in the past 24 hours has decreased to below the limit.

This means that your resources looted count does not reset at a certain time every day. It is a continuous calculation, always based on the past 24 hours. If you loot 1,000 resources now, those 1,000 resources will count towards your limit for 24 hours.

Your limit depends on each world's settings, and so may vary from world to world. It will increase as your number of villages increases, and will also slowly increase based on how long you have been on the world. The limit will increase hourly.

Each world also had a maximum value for your limit. This varies from world to world, but once the maximum value has been reached your limit will never increase again.

If you lose villages it is possible for your limit to decrease.