Tribal Wars Team UK

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Community Management

dabookman - Community Manager Bryan

Senior In-Game staff

aliyah - Speed Admin/ Senior In Game Admin Lisa
peadar-the-nightstalker In Game Admin Peadar
brian the messiah - Speed Admin #2 Gareth

Senior Forum staff

marcus the mad -Senior Forum General, Roel

Forum staff

peadar-the-nightstalker - MSG, Worlds 5,10,12 and 13 Peadar
zenron - TW Velocity, MSG, Worlds 2,4,6 and 11 Jack

In-Game staff

peadar-the-nightstalker - Worlds 5,6,12 and 13 Peadar
Purplewkd - Worlds 2,5 and 13 James

Script Development Team

- cheesasaurus - Scripts & independent tools Nick