Tribe Skills

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Tribe Skills

General information

With this feature joining a tribe and remaining within it's ranks will grant you benefits to help you in the wars ahead. After joining a tribe a player will be rewarded with Prestige every week and can do Tribe Quests. Prestige can be used to boost your villages and/or defensive troops located in your villages or offensive troops sent from your villages, or can be donated to the tribe to unlock even more bonuses and make the current ones more powerful.

You can access the Tribe Skills via the entry "Tribe" in the main menu and then select "Levels".

Tribe level.PNG



Prestige is the currency used to activate the skills or can be donated to increase the level of the tribe. Currently you can get Prestige every week. The amount you get depends on the time you have been a member of the tribe. Long time members will have more weekly prestige to spend than newcomers. Prestige can be accumulated and saved for a later date but upon leaving the tribe the saved prestige will be lost. You can also get Prestige by doing the Tribe Quests.


Currently there are seven skills to choose from. Each gives a bonus to a specific aspect of the game and can be activated in return for some prestige points. The skills are unlocked by reaching a specific tribe level and their power increases with the tribe level. The skills are active instantly and shown on the right hand side of the screen.

Graphic Skill Effect Cost
70px-Skill1.png Friendship Incoming support sent while this is active will travel x% faster. Has no effect on previously dispatched support. 50 Prestige
70px-Skill2.png Fast looting Attacks sent to barbarian villages will travel x% faster. 70 Prestige
70px-Skill3.png Overtime +x% Wood, clay and iron production 100 Prestige
70px-Skill4.png Technocracy All construction speeds are increased by x%! 100 Prestige
70px-Skill5.png Conscription All recruitment speeds are %d%% faster! 100 Prestige
70px-Skill6.png Vanguard +x% attack power for axeman, light cavalry and mounted archers 140 Prestige
70px-Skill7.png King's Guard +x% defense power for spear fighter, swordsmen and archers 140 Prestige

Each tribe member can freely choose which of the available skills they want to activate for their own villages. A countdown and a progress bar indicate indicate how long the skill will be active.

Active skills.png

Tribe Levels

The tribe level dictates which skills are unlocked for the members as well as the power of the unlocked skills. To increase the level tribe members will need to donate some of their prestige to the tribe to increase the tribe's experience points (XP) or if the tribe is rewarded for fulfilling the Tribe Quests . When reaching the necessary amount of XP the tribe level will increase. While a tribe can never have less than zero XP, tribes can lose some XP when kicking players.

  • The amount of XP a tribe loses depends on how long the player has been a member of the tribe and the amount of members the tribe currently has.
  • If a tribe loses a level by kicking members the previously unlocked skills will be locked until the requirement is reached again.
  • Players leaving a tribe will not deduct any XP from the tribe, but the leaving player will lose his Prestige.
  • If a tribe is dissolved all players will lose their Prestige.
  • Kicking inactive players will also not deduct any tribe Prestige.
  • The amount of XP lost for kicking a player will be shown in the confirmation prompt when a player is about to be dismissed.

Required XP to unlock a level depending on the tribe member limit

Level Member limit
10 20 30 40+
1 0 0 0 0
2 100 200 300 400
3 246 492 739 985
4 417 834 1.251 1.668
5 606 1.213 1.819 2.425
6 810 1.621 2.431 3.241
7 1.027 2.054 3.081 4.108
8 1.255 2.510 3.765 5.020
9 1.493 2.986 4.479 5.971
10 1.740 3.480 5.220 6.959
11 1.995 3.991 5.986 7.981
12 2.258 4.517 6.775 9.034
13 2.529 5.058 7.587 10.116
14 2.806 5.612 8.419 11.225
15 3.090 6.180 9.270 12.360
16 3.380 6.760 10.140 13.520
17 3.676 7.352 11.028 14.703
18 3.977 7.955 11.932 15.909
19 4.284 8.568 12.852 17.136
20 4.596 9.192 13.788 18.384
Total 40.285 80.575 120.862 161.145