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The first church spreads religion to the surrounding villages within its influence area. Without a church to influence the troops, troops outside a churches area of influence will fight with a 50% reduced efficiency both in defense and offense capabilities.


  • A first church is only available on worlds that have religion enabled in their settings.
  • The first church can only be constructed once.
  • If a first church village is conquered, all the villages inside the conquered first church radius will fight at 50% strength, unless covered by another church.
  • Supporting troops sent from a village outside a church radius will fight at 100% strength so long as the village they're stationed in is religious.
  • The first church cannot be targeted by catapults in a battle. The only way to remove a first church is to noble the village it belongs in.
  • The first church influence area only affects your own villages, not allies or other players villages.


Village Headquarters : Level 5

Farm : Level 5

LevelRequirementsPop needed / Pop total Influence area
1 Wood: 16000 Clay: 20000 Iron: 5000 5000 / 5000 4
2 Wood: 20160 Clay: 25600 Iron: 6300 2750 / 7750 6
3 Wood: 25402 Clay: 32768 Iron: 7938 4263 / 12013 8


Should I make a church village defensive or offensive? - Taking into account that a church village will use up a lot of population space it is recommended that you make the village defensive or turn it into a scout village.

What is the difference between a Church and First Church? - You can only have one First Church constructed and it cannot be upgraded. If used smartly, you can use the First Church as a fast way of making new caps religious.